Charity Announcement 2

We are over the moon to announce that our chosen charity for 2016 is Parkside in Aldershot, who provide support services for children and adults with learning disabilities living in the Parkside Cafe in the Park Openinglocal area. £1 from every one of your entries will go to this amazing charity. That’s a possible £1000! Race director, Steve Radcliffe, tells us more…

After throwing the event together last year in a little over 3 months, we didn’t really have time to consider any charitable giving. This year, we’ve had more time to ponder over it and have been able to allocate up to £1000, a sizeable donation for a community based event. We chose Parkside because of the great work they do. They have a centre right next door to the Blackwater Valley Runners club house, and we quite often see members socialising and taking part in activities when we head out for our Wednesday night runs.

So the more people we get signed up for this year’s event, the more money that goes to charity. Simple as that. With an extra beautiful route and chip timing added to the mix this year, what excuse could you possibly have not to?

Need more info about this charity?

If you would like more information about this charity, you can head along to their website at Here there is lots of info about how Parkside support local people, including what services they provide.

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2 thoughts on “Charity Announcement

  • Natalie

    £1 is going to the charity?
    Where are the other £11 going and the money raised will also go to the charity?
    I’m just wondering as I have never ran a race so I am just genuinely wondering

    • Steve Radcliffe

      Hi Natalie, thanks for your comment. Putting on a race is quite an expensive business. We have to purchase insurances and permits, pay for first aid and chip timing (which is very expensive). That’s all before we buy 1000 medals and custom t-shirts. Our main sponsors, Grainger Plc, contribute a great deal to our race but we still don’t have much left over. What we do have left goes to our chosen charity and a little to promote running in the Aldershot area.