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If you have a question, please check out our frequently asked questions below. This contains important information regarding the race and your safety.

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We have a limit of 1000 runners and once the limit is reached entries will be closed. To be sure of getting a place it is safest to enter online in advance. If we have not reached the 1000 participant limit by Tuesday 3rd October then places may be available on the day at a cost of £20 for all catagories.

We will not be sending out race packs in advance. Race numbers will be handed out during pre-registration or on the day. Race day registration will open at 8.00am.


If you would like to double check you are entered or would like to check you race number (when available) you can log in to your Full On Sport account and access all the information regarding your entry. Failing that, you can search all participants here.

You will be able to collect your race number and some pins at either of the following times:

Pre-registration: will take place at Aldershot Cricket Club :

Wednesday 4th October 2017 – 6pm to 9pm – This is our normal club night so you can come and meet some of our members too 🙂

Saturday 17th October 2017 – 8.30am to 12pm (midday)


Race day: Registration will be open at 8.00am

We would urge you to use pre-registration if possible, as it would really help us out.


Yes, you can can collect the race number of another runner at pre-registration only. To facilitate this, please bring a letter signed by the absent runner authorising you to collect on their behalf.

Runners must collect their race numbers in person on race day.

For the purposes of the 10k event anyone under the age of 18 is classified as a child and gets reduced entry. However, nobody under the age of 11 will be permitted to take part. We also ask that all children under the age of 14 run with a parent at all times.

For those under the age of 11 who wish to take part, there will be a children’s fun run of approximately 2km. Entries for this event will be available on the day.

Unfortunately, due to the largely off road nature of the course and narrow sections of canal towpath, we would discourage running with pushchairs for your safety and the safety of other runners.

Given some narrow sections  of the course and in the interest of the safety of all participants, we regret that we are unable to allow dogs to accompany runners on the course.

Yes, there will be a water stop at around the 5k point and water will be available to runners at the finish. We do ask that any runner who feels they will need extra water/gels during the race supplies them for themselves.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds on entry fees. If you cannot run and are able to give up some of your time to help us marshal the course, we will be happy to defer your entry to next year. Please contact the race director if you would like to defer your entry, using the form below. Requests for deferral must be received by Friday 29th September.

Yes, we will organise the start area so that the faster runners are at the front. Please adhere to this as it will ultimately benefit the race experience of all runners. There will not be more than one wave of runners, so everybody will start at the same time. However, the will be a restricted start line width, which will ensure that the field is spread out and is for your safety. The event will be timed from chip-to-chip, but gun-to-chip will also be available.

Yes, there will be markers at each kilometre.

No, we have not set a cut-off time and we are keen to encourage entries from all levels of runner. Please be aware though that this is not a walking event. There is a cross over point where it is possible (but very unlikely) that runners at the very back may encounter runners at the very front coming in the other direction. If this is the case, please listen to marshal instruction and give way to those at the front of the field.

Yes, feel free to do so! In fact, we encourage it 🙂

There is no relay class at this event.

Yes, you do. When you enter, the online form will ask you for this information.

If you’ve entered some information incorrectly when signing up, don’t worry. You can log in to the Full On Sport website at any time and change this. If you are having problems, drop us a line using the form below and we’ll sort it for you.

Race results will be made available at the time of finishing and will be available immediately on the website.

No, but there will be toilets at the start and finish – based in the Military Stadium.

We strongly recommend that you don’t listen to music during the race. This is for your own safety as parts of the course are on open roads. If you do insist on listening to music, please consider only using one earphone so you have some awareness of your surroundings and you can hear the instructions of our marshals.

Parking is available, free of charge, on the Grasscrete car park behind the stadium. This is accessed from Princes Avenue, Aldershot, GU11 2LQ.  A map showing car parking can be found here.

Yes, you can transfer your race number to another person. You can do this yourself up until midnight on Friday 29th September by logging in to the Full On Sport website. If you have any problems or need any assistance with this, please use the form below to get in touch.

We hope to provide a secure area to leave baggage (bag drop). However, please do not leave valuables in bags as we can take no responsibility for loss or damage.

Yes, you can. Please speak to your race team at registration and they will issue you with a wristband. Any photos where this wristband is visible will be omitted from any race photos that will be published online or in the media.

Once again, we would discourage zombies from stalking our runners or taking part in the race themselves. However the zombie apocalypse could happen at any time, so we recommend that runners practice their ‘zombie run’ so they can blend in if need be.

Don’t worry, our course does NOT lead to Terminus.

National Zombie State: GREEN

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