Extra Car Parking

We would prefer competitors to find a nice green way of making their way to our event, but if you need to bring a car, please consider sharing your journey with a few other people.

Napier Gardens Car Park, GU11 2JH

If you’re arriving from the Farnborough direction or via the A331, consider using the public car park in Napier Gardens, Redvers Buller Road, North Camp, GU11 2JH . The charges are very reasonable (70p for 3 hours, 90p for 4 hours) so it’s worth considering . From here it’s just a 1km walk (or warmup jog) down Queen’s Avenue to the Race HQ and the start and finish. There’s a free bag drop at the Rugby Stadium where you can leave things for immediately after the race. It may be much quicker to get away after the race from this car park than from the main race car park.

Main Car Park (at back of Rugby Stadium)

We have a free off-road car park with room for 300 cars available for your use, a short walk (or warm up) from Race HQ and the start and finish. It’s the same car park used by the Rushmoor parkrun. For a map and directions, see below.

IMPORTANT: At the end of the event we will open an extra exit to Queen’s Avenue. Those wishing to turn right towards Farnborough should use this extra exit at the opposite end of the car park which leads directly onto Queen’s Avenue. Those wishing to turn left to Aldershot should use the exit that you used to come in (via Prince’s Avenue).

After the event, there can be a long queue of cars along Prince’s Avenue road leading away from the barracks, all trying to get out at the traffic lights onto Queen’s Avenue. The same queue happens after Rushmoor parkrun. The problem is not those traffic lights, but the very slow 4-way lights at the crossroads at the end of Queen’s Avenue, by the church, which causes cars to queue all along Queen’s Avenue as well. If there is a queue on Prince’s Avenue, then even if you’re heading to Aldershot, you may find it much quicker to use the Farnborough exit from the event, turn right on Queen’s Avenue, go to North Camp then turn left and return to Aldershot via the Farnborough Road.

Main Car Park Location (Google Maps)

Main Car Park Entrance Map

Main Car Park Exit Map

We politely request that all car drivers familiarise themselves with this map. When leaving the car park at the end of the race, you will only be able to turn one way onto Queen’s Avenue (which will be different depending on which exit you use). Please adhere to all instructions from our marshals. They are all volunteers and are giving up their time so that you can get home as quickly as possible.