10k Route

Rushmoor Wellesley 10k Route Details

The Rushmoor Wellesley 10k race starts on the Polo fields in the same location as the Rushmoor parkrun, carrying out a 1.5km loop before heading towards the canal, to allow runners to spread out and alleviate any bottleneck as runners reach the canal.  

The route first uses the Basingstoke Canal Path towards Odiham  making it a very flat course, passing a low but beautiful old brick canal bridge under the Farnborough Road, then turning up Laffan’s Lane past the Army Golf club.

You then make your way over an old Pontoon Bridge turn left and enter the Wellesley Woodlands, Do take care in this  sections as the path can be narrow at times and there are tree roots which can be a trip hazard.

This carries on past a hand carved wooden seat, eventually all the way to the famous Farnborough airport Runway end, where the Red arrows are regularly seen taking off. Straight back onto the canal and you are on the way back for a fast finish, back though another part of the Wellesley Woodlands pathways again and all the way towards the finish point in the Army Rugby Stadium. 

There is only about 50ft elevation over the whole course.

Great video capturing the atmosphere of the 2021 event by Harry of Jog On