Transfer your entry

If it’s a week or more before the race

  • Go to, choose ‘Sports Events’ from the ‘Categories’ list at the top, then find the Rushmoor Wellesley 10k race, and click it to open the event web page.
  • On the right of the event web page, under ‘Information’ click on ‘Edit Details and Transfer Entry’
  • Login by entering your email address and Unique Reference Number. If you don’t have a URN, click on ‘Forgot Reference Number’ and enter your email address to get it sent to you, then you can login
  • Choose the option to transfer your entry to someone else.  You’ll need to supply the email address of the new person. Make sure you get it right! Your details will be removed from the race and the new person will get an email requesting them to fill in all their details. They will not be in the race until they have filled in all their details.

If it’s close to race day but before Saturday

  • You or the new person should use the Contact Us form supplying your name, and the following details about the new runner: Name, Title, Date of Birth, Sex, Club (if any).

If it’s the Saturday before the race or later

  • It may be possible to get the details updated at Registration but the team will be very busy so no guarantees!